Welcome to the world of taste sensations and mouth exploding spices and flavours.....

Hi I am Mark the brains behind the creation of THE HOUSE OF JERKY and I can’t wait to take you on a journey of meaty-lishous jerky snacks and treats.

I have personally ALWAYS been a massive jerky fan and have tried and tested SO many companies on the market....However at the beginning of 2020 I decided enough was enough of all these expensive jerky buying splurges.!!! With my plethora of cheffing experience, my well trained palette and passion for experimenting with dishes and ingredients - here was the light bulb moment, here is where the DREAM began!!!

I rapidly began to brainstorm my ideas for flavours of beef jerky, spicy to sweet, smoky to aromatic - 5 core flavours was my first goal.!! To really get the recipes tweaked and tested to THE best recipe was key !!!

This was quickly followed by the COVID lock down I chose to hurl myself into a beef jerky oblivion!!!! I was NOT going to let a worldwide pandemic dampen my dreams of starting my very own jerky empire......

Investing in better equipment through the weeks, taste testing, adjusting the recipes here and there I began to taste and see the winning combo!!

Only sourcing the best British, grass fed beef flank and finest spices, elements, leaving out the nasty preservatives commonly found in commercial jerkies- the 5 core flavours were created. Triple J, Red Devil, Buffalo, South Carolina and Scotch Bonnet Scorcher..!! I wanted to have a varied range for everyone’s tastes and preferences. Slowly I started to promote my products through Instagram and Facebook receiving orders, excellent reviews and repeat orders. This company was starting to snow ball...!!

Being a one man band, having amazing summer sun and being allowed out for just 1 hours exercise during the lockdown, I hopped on my bike to deliver my handcrafted jerky to my customers!!

A whole load of crafting the beef by hand, marinating, cooking, packing, orders left right and centre, delivering and peddling later. I decided to create a one stop shop online called www.thehouseofjerky.co.uk . Stream lining my customers and orders to one place. Oh and adding on postal options to save my poor legs!!

Whilst momentum continued to roll high, I started introducing guest flavours to capture the more adventurous types. From Marmite to smoked garlic and bourbon , lemongrass and ginger beer - my mind only continues to evolve into more and more jerky profiles.

So welcome and come on in to our House Of Jerky and discover new tastes and ideas ready to blow your mind!

Mark Harbour House of Jerky